Side channel pumps

Side channel pumps (also known as turbine pumps) are hydraulic continuous-flow machines and a sub-type of centrifugal pump. They are classed as hydrodynamic pumps.

For decades now, Speck has been developing and manufacturing side channel pumps and completely revised the modular system of the SK and ASK model series in 2015.

With a cutting-edge testing area for tests up to 750 m³/h and 400 m, Speck boasts an outstanding framework for research, development and series testing.

Areas of application

  • Especially suitable for delivering, filling and draining under difficult physical conditions
  • Suitable for clear to lightly contaminated liquids (similar to water) with no abrasive contamination or solid content
  • Suitable for the delivery of gas shares and self-priming
  • Side channel pumps with an NPSH inducer stage (i.e. with an additional radial impeller) achieve very high NPSH values and can therefore be used with a low suction head. They are very well suited for the delivery of media at temperatures close to boiling point.
  • Higher delivery pressures and higher pressures are achieved with multi-stage designs.


  • Modular system comprising multi-stage pumps in sections
  • Combi-pump with NPSH inducer stage (ASK)



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