Vacuum systems - BluSystems


  • Ready-to-connect modular system – developed for wet and dry calibration of plastic profiles
  • Also suitable for condensate recovery
  • Very high energy savings thanks to demand-driven vacuum generation
  • Decentralised vacuum units with smart regulation and simple operation
  • Can be retrofitted – simple installation in the place of existing vacuum pumps
  • Automatic regulation and saving of parameters enables reproducible, consistently high quality of the end products


  • Vacuum units comprising liquid ring vacuum pumps, motors with frequency converter, sensors and operating unit
  • BluVacCompact also with integrated separator tank for extracting air/water mixtures
  • BluVacD (BluVacDecentralised) for existing separator tanks/vacuum tanks in the system
  • BluLine VB based on a side channel blower
  • Control using standard operating panel or via PLC interface

Performance range

  • Qmax 34 – 250 m³/h (50 Hz)
  • pmin 200 – 730 mbar abs. (270 – 800 mbar rel.)


Vacuum units

for extraction of

air-water mixes

max. -930 mbar rel.

max. 105 m³/h output

min. 6 m³/h water discharge


BluLine VN

Vacuum units

for extraction of air

with high levels of water

max. -930 mbar rel.

max. 150 m³/h output

max. 4 m³/h water discharge


BluLine VG

Vacuum units

for extraction of air

with low levels of water

max. -930 mbar rel.

max. 145 m³/h output

max. 2,5 m³/h water discharge


BluLine VB

Vacuum units

for extraction

of moist air

max. -260 mbar rel.

max. 500 m³/h output




Decentralized vacuum

units for parallel extraction

of air and water from a

plant-side separator in

the calibration table

max. 30 m³/h water discharge